Photoshop Generative Fill: Enhancing User Interaction

Improving usability and workflow for Photoshop's latest feature.


Limitations Caused by Current Workflow

Photoshop's Generative Fill tool, a significant feature for creative workflows, currently suffers from limitations in input control, iterative output editing, tooltip utility, and a confusing generative credits system. These issues hinder the efficiency and creativity of users.

Better Workflow = Better Outcome

As a staple tool for designers and creatives, the functionality and user experience of Photoshop directly impacts the quality and efficiency of their work.

Enhancements to Generative Fill could significantly improve user satisfaction and productivity.

Decreasing User Friction

User feedback and usability tests indicate frustrations with the tool’s limited control options, lack of clear guidance for improving outputs, and opaque credit usage system.

Comparisons with competing AI models also highlight Generative Fill's shortcomings.


My approach centered on a comprehensive analysis of the tool's user interface, functionality, and comparison with similar tools in the market.

This involved examining user feedback, reviewing usability tests, and benchmarking against competing tools.
Dashboard mockup

Design Priorities

Creating advanced features with an intuitive interface.
Limiting disruption to Photoshop's current toolset.
Clarifying Adobe's Generative Credits System.